"Architecture - the word reminds us of buildings, gardens, and cities - the built environment. Computers - we associate the word with technology, precision, networks - thc digital world. The term computer-aided architectural design (CAAD) connects die two worlds and points to the original idea behind using computers in architecture: to improve the built, physical environment by providing the best instruments and methods for die creators of architecture.


Drafting is not die main purpose of computers in architecture anymore. The computer is constantly changing its role and appearance, and becoming faster and more powerful in supporting designers every year it was once useful to compare a computer to an electronic pencil or to a sophisticated typewriter. At the end of the twentieth century. this view would be a dangerous misconception of the machine, as it has moved into new areas of support. it can act as a medium, and in some cases already as a partner.

Crystallization of an information structure - the out view. Computer simulation by Malgorzata Miskiewicz-Bugajski, 1998

Digital CAAAD books 

"Architektur mit dem Computer." Gerhard Schmitt, 1996:

"City of Bits," William Mitchell, 1995: 

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